Envisioning the arts on earth, as they are in heaven.

CAELA is an arts service organization providing information, resources and connections for those living out their faith in service to God and others through leadership in the arts.

Producing and presenting creative work requires a mindset and skills that most of us didn’t learn in the conservatory or the studio. Today more than ever the artist can and must lead, in order to thrive and serve.

We lead others, as heads of arts programs, projects and organizations; we lead ourselves, as entrepreneurs of individual arts ventures; and we lead the public, as advocates for the arts, in shaping our communities.

Leadership is not about “business practices,” it’s about effectiveness in God’s work.


Our founder and director, Luann Purcell Jennings, is currently in a season of doing arts entrepreneurship, leadership, and advocacy, rather than writing and teaching about it. She is on the ground as an artist serving the community from a faith perspective in the growing arts community of Waco, Texas. In time, she’ll be sharing what she’s learned through new CAELA services.

Luann is still posting pertinent info to the CAELA “tribe” on our Facebook page and would be glad for you to contact her at ljennings@caela-arts.org. Follow Luann’s personal blog to learn more about what she’s doing and learning.